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Have you ever wanted to build a professional-looking website but didn't know where to start? Now you can. Wordpress for Beginners is a complete course for anyone, regardless of their technical ability. This course needs no prior knowledge! At the start of the course, we will walk you through setting up Wordpress on your computer so that you don't need to pay for a web host (or a domain name) while you master wordpress. When you decide to put a website online, you can watch as we buy a domain name/hosting, and install Wordpress online.

Course Elements:

  • Install Wordpress on your PC or Mac, so you can learn without paying hosting or domain fees.

  • This course will teach anyone to build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with Wordpress.
  • Navigate the Wordpress dashboard, knowing what everything does and how to use it.
  • Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them.
  • Protect your Wordpress website from hackers and spammers.
  • Create a Responsive Website that looks good on any browser.
  • Understanding the main features of WordPress.

2 Month Course:

25,000 PKR or 17,500 PKR 30% off if you apply early.


There's no need to bring a notebook to your class. However, your tutor will be providing you with various tools and applications to work with. Be consistent in order to be successful in your journey as a search flutter developer. Contact us to enroll today!

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Students will be able to interact and learn for a full hour as promised.

Weekly Task / Assignments

Our weekly Assignments will keep pushing students to excellence.

Shareable Certificate

Every student will get a hard copy and a soft shareable copy of the certificate.


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Muhammad Manamil


Faculty of WordPress

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Snow Dream Studios

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